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  ""Thank you for your assistance and attention""

I felt it was time for me to step up and work on what I had been looking forward to for sometime (a double cab truck) as I presently own a single cab. And I can tell you I got more than I was looking for, in conditioning (standard 5 fwd, diesel, 4 cyl, etc) I too wanted to say how special I felt after my initial conversation  with Mr. Delroy. I must say that Mr. Bailey and Mr. Torres talk me through this entire process and assisted me, I have no regret that I have made this decision. I will certainly pass the word and tell the story.

Indeed you have a great team from Bravo and I am grateful, kindly extend my appreciation to them. I will assure you if God is willing I will treat this vehicle with all the pride I can give it.

Once again, thanks.

Mr. Paul Garcia Sr.
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  "Thanks & Appreciation"

Just a few short words of thanks and appreciation to Bravo Motors and their kind staff in assisting us in purchasing our second new vehicle.  We started with a new 2009 Nissan X-Trail 4 X 4 with minimal problems in our 3 year ownership. The service department at Bravo makes it easy to service our vehicle and Bravo gives us shuttle service all over Belize city when required.

And now Linda and I  have just purchased a new 2012 Nissan X-Trail  4 X 4 'Extreme' and we are enjoying the 'ride'.  Special thanks to Michael Berry, our Bravo Sales representative. Michael was great to deal with and assist us in every possible way to ensure we had the best deal and vehicle that our money could bring. 

I invite anyone looking for new or pre-owned vehicle to stop in at Bravo Motors to check their vehicles and make your own deal.

Willy Dupuis
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  "I look forward to continuing to enjoy my Isuzu D-max truck."

The decision to purchase a new vehicle was a difficult one as I was retiring from the public service and had to keep in mind the need to exercise caution in my financial expenditure.

I have now had my 2011 Isuzu D-max pickup for just under three months and I must admit that I made the right decision, thanks to the support of my family and the excellent attention provided by the Bravo Motor's team.

I look forward to continuing to enjoy my Isuzu D-max truck.

Edmund Zuniga
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  "The Decision Was Easy With My Isuzu D-max"

For months I’ve been looking for the different options in purchasing a double cab truck.  I was looking at reliability, stability; economics, company back up, and ease of driving on road and off road.  But the best recommendations are from those who have purchased a D-max already!

I recall being at a graduation party in Ladyville and a doctor, friend of mine, spoke all evening about how good, reliable and stable his fully loaded D-max was.  He emphasized on the stability of his truck and how he loves speeding.  He is a neurosurgeon so he can control his nerves. 

On the other side, I have my brother, Dr. Polanco, who has been driving Isuzu vehicles for many years.  Contrary to the neurosurgeon, my brother drives slowly.  But he drives all over the country from one meeting to the next.  He puts miles & miles of driving.  What he says, “With my D-max, properly serviced, maintenance cost is low, and I feel secure even on late night driving from work. 

Well, I took the decision.  I travel plenty and time is of essence, however I got a budget and the D-max is soft on my pocket.  I took the doctor’s recommendations.  I purchased a D-max…and I feel a relief.  I thank God for my D-max.

Juan Polanco

Deimer Architecture 

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  "I love my Nissan X-trail!"

"I love my Nissan X-Trail which I purchased in June.  I have passengers riding with me frequently and it is rugged enough that I don't need to worry if something is spilled or gets dirty.  But, it is luxurious enough to be comfortable, gets great gas mileage, and has tons of storage.  The one luxury feature I have is the back-up camera/dvd/and bluetooth system.  The hands-free phone system is convenient and safe.  I truly appreciate the service and friendliness of the staff in all departments at Bravo.  It's been a good experience for me and that continues to this day."

Karen West


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  "Cuando viajo a cualquier parte de Belize voy tranquilo en mi nuevo Pick Up Nissan, seguro de que no me dara ningun problema."

En  enero de este año necesitaba comprar un vehiculo para mi trabajo. Comence a buscar y comparar alternativas. Finalmente me decidi por el pick up Nissan por dos razones: primero por el precio que estaba dentro de mi presupuesto y segundo y para mi lo mas importante por el servicio que recibi de parte de Michelle.

Desde un inicio se preocupo por buscar un vehiculo que llenara mis necesidades y estuvo presentadome propuestas siempre muy amablemente.
Desde que me entregaron el vehiculo fueron muy detallistas con toda mi familia, y me lo entregaron a mi completa satisfaccion. Desde entonces no he tenido ningun problema con el, y en todas las revisiones que me ha tocado darle he recibido tambien un excelente trato y servicio, puntualidad en la entrega, etc.

Lo mas importante, cuando viajo a cualquier parte de Belize voy tranquilo en mi nuevo Pick Up Nissan, seguro de que no me dara ningun problema.

Mauro Campos
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  "A Canadian Experience in Belize"

Our real Belize adventure began when we were still in Canada and contacted Therese at Bravo Motors in Belize City. She along with her entire staff made choosing the right vehicle as well as negotiating our way through the tax exemption and the entire QRP process a breeze. We were impressed with the personalized service and hospitality extended to us even from so far away. The regular emails and contact was as if we were just a stone throw away, we were even able to see the exact SUV that we bought from afar. Even further upon our arrival, we were extended the same courtesy from Therese as she took us on a guided tour of Belize City and even stood in line with us as we waited to purchase our first Belizean cell phone.

Our new Nissan X-Trail has proven to be a rugged vehicle that lives up to the challenges of some of Belize's less travelled paths such as our  recent trip to Progresso. My in-laws visited us for the first time in Belize, and we were proud to give them the same tour we had been given in our NEW Nissan X-Trail from Bravo Motors.  Victoria's parents, Carolyn and Albert, had a blast at Progresso. The Journey going there was rather interesting but we all had a good time traveling in our new suv. In the photo Albert helps the boatman ferry our X-Trail across a river.

Now we are all settled in living in Corozal and our home which we had built from scratch is near completion. The X-Trail was a huge piece of our puzzle and our New Belizean Experience. We love our new vehicle and our new friends and look forward to many more cherished experiences.



Robert Lunsted & Victoria Quinn
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A day in the life of a Navara is as busy as its owner, working hard around the clock. This beauty can be seen busy at the office, on site at a client or managing a project by day. She truck does it all. My Navara works hard delivering décor and all the tools required to make homes, residences ,condos and businesses as beautiful as they possibly can be.

I am Hannah Cowell of Platinum designs and the Nisssan Navara is my truck!!  I bought the truck just a few months ago brand new from Bravo Motors and have been impressed with its performance.

I took her down to the riverside for a swim in the river on mother’s day and this was great. What’s a day in Beautiful Placencia without the beach? With little effort, my Navara finds itself happy right there on the beach and the 4WD takes care of the rest. The 6 Speed Shift has made this ex Brit feel very comfortable even though the gearstick is on the opposite side in the Uk J

When she’s on the move, I step aside and she takes full control on the winding curves of the Hummingbird. After experiencing the sluggish performance of other Automatic cars within the last few years here in Belize, my Navara is truly a blessing and is like no other.

Of all the experiences I have cherished with her thus far, I have to say that my most special moment is when my son asked that she be the one to take him and his date to the Prom. This body of this glossy, slick black truck turned heads and he the experience inside was no different. My son admired his date and the truck as he traveled in sheer comfort and style. They were nervous with the excitement of going to Prom but were comforted by the coolness of a/c and the great sounds we blasted through the night. The leather seats were almost as elegant as his date’s dress.  The door opened, they stepped out and once again the Navara made an impression, making the night start out with a real feel of graduation elegance.

Hannah Cowell
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  "I am a Family member of Bravo Motors "

I became a proud customer of Bravo Motors in the year 2007. I was interested in becoming a first time owner of a new vehicle. I was doing my shopping at the different agencies in the city, but was unable to get any satisfaction for couple of reasons. One was that the prices were very high, the other was that they didn’t look like if they care to do business with a customer who didn’t look like if he was able to purchase one of their vehicles, and the other was that they didn’t offer much choices to let you choose what you want.

I decided not to continue shopping with them, so I took a drive up the western highway to see what my experiences would have been there. Well, I am glad I went to Bravo, because as you reach there you can see the difference, the amount of vehicles, the brands, sizes and colors that are displayed there really opens your eyes. The sales agents are very attentive and courteous. They really have that PR. They know how to appreciate each person visiting their premises.

I bought my first brand new 2007 Isuzu D-Max. I had many good experiences with this vehicle. Never let me down. When we had the floods in the city 2 years ago I put my vehicle to the test. The waters were about 2 ft high, my D-Max went through these obstacles with ease, as a matter of fact, I rescued other trucks which stayed in the middle of the waters. What  a truck!!!!!.   The D-Max is powerful, fuel efficient and of course…reliable. After 3 years of having my truck, me and my wife decided to try other brands of truck, with pain in our hearts (we were sad to get rid of our truck) we took our truck to Bravo for a trade-in.

We decided now on a Nissan truck. We got a 2009 Nissan Navara. This truck is so good looking, spacious and comfortable. The best part is that it’s a 2.5L diesel engine, smaller than the D-Max, but more powerful.  You love keeping your wallet happy? Then the Navara will do that for you…it’s very efficient on the consumption of the fuel. My experience was great when I took a trip to Chetumal. I went there and circle around the city and came back with 5 gallons of diesel. I know the fuel gauge was working because my truck was only 4 days old since it became my property. With this one you cant go wrong!!! My recommendation to the future potential buyers is: buy it for the power, buy it for the good look, for the reliability it gives you and for keeping your wallet happy. Be a family member of Bravo Motors, you wont regret it, guaranteed.

Satisfied customer,



Carlos Alamina
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  "My friends and family are always impressed when they ride in my Navara. "

Whether I am driving in Belize City, the Western Highway, the hilly Hummingbird Highway or the rough Coastal Road, it’s no problem! My Nissan Navara takes me where I want to be. Rain or shine, my truck goes beyond performance and continues to answer to my driving demands. I drive 3,000 miles a month and so far I can’t complain.

I’ve had so much fun with this truck that it makes me want to go somewhere different each weekend. My family and I visited the Mayan Ruin of Caracol and just getting there was an adventure. The road was rough but we made it through with time to spare. I like to think that it was combination of my skillful driving J and My Nissan Navara. Recently, I have also visited Jaguar Paw, Placencia Peninsula, and Flores Peten, and my truck continues to go the distance and blows me away each time. There’s no stopping me or this truck!!

Bravo Motors continues to play a major role in servicing of my truck. The team always ensures that my truck is in excellent working condition before I hit the road. What I like about the team is that they always ensure that I’m well taken care of; Great customer service is what I get at Bravo Motors.

My friends and family are always impressed when they ride in my Navara. It’s always smooth and comfortable. The suspensions system is also excellent, as well as the dynamic 4x4 capability, and its speed & power speak for themselves. What makes my truck so special is that this truck fits my every mood, whether I’m feeling up to going off-road, highway, or urban areas. The Navara does it in Style. Trust me, for those of you aspiring to buy a new truck and want the most bang for your money, this truck is for you. It’s designed to withstand the terrain the Belizean Terrain. Driving means more to me than getting from point A to point B, Now, it’s all about the ride. I enjoy and have fun driving my Nissan Navara.

The only question that’s left is" Where else can I go? No Problem, I’ll hop into my Navara as I usually do and see where the wind blows me, as long as I’m in my Navara, I could care less!!

Jody Williams
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  "Extremely happy with the X-trail's reliability, performance, fuel efficiency..."

Dear Bravo,

In the growing light through the morning mist, for a fleeting moment, I looked into the face of a startled Jaguar as he bounded away. The Nissan X-Trail was inching up a muddy track deep in the Chiquibul forest reserve.

I had the 4 wheel drive selector on lock and was climbing the muddy grade in 1st gear and low revs waiting for the inevitable slippage of the wheels. The Jaguar must have seen us but never heard or smelled the 2.2 litre, turbo-charged, inter-cooled diesel engine until too late.

The previous year I travelled the same route in a Nissan Patrol and was amazed at the ease with which it traversed the wet muddy rutted tracks made by British and Belizean military vehicles. That time I had a high level foreign delegation on a border verification mission. This time I was in it for myself.

The X-Trail, with its stable ground pressure, high clearance, independent strut suspension and computerized traction control never bogged. Being smaller than the Patrol the X-Trail was able to go down the xateros trail and bring the shooter unnoticed near the nesting Macaws. We got our pictures and turned for home. On the highway in 6th gear at 3000 rpm the X-Trail reminded me of my fighter jet experiences.

I turned in the Patrol when I left the service but now extremely happy with the X-Trail's reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and continued excellent product support from Bravo Motors.

Alan Usher
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  "We have been very satisfied with the performance of our Isuzus!"

In June of 2001 when I took over the helm of the Santiago Castillo Group of Companies, I decided to change our vehicle fleet. After checking out all our options, I decided to go with Bravo's fine line of Isuzu Vehicles. So far, we have been very satisfied with the performance of our Isuzus, as well as the parts, and service provided by BRAVO MOTORS. Every year we add to our Isuzu fleet, and 2005 will be no exception as we take delivery of our very first ISUZU chilled truck later this month.

To the Bravo Team, Santiago Castillo Group says thanks, and keep up the good work.


Santiago Castillo

Belize City, Belize

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  "I found everyone to be composed, courteous, polite, friendly and very attentive..."

My wife and I have purchased three brand new vehicles from Bravo Motors. Why? Well, not only is it because of the superiority and reliability of the vehicles, but the business and professionalism of Mr. Bouloy; and the attitude of the entire staff. I found everyone to be composed, courteous, polite, friendly and very attentive, which in all makes them provide excellent service to us....your clients.

Robert Charles Wade
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  "The Best Vehicle I have Driven!"

I have driven a Ford Bronco, an Isuzu Rodeo, a Jeep Cherokee, an Isuzu Trooper and various other vehicles, but my present vehicle, the Nissan Patrol is the Best one Yet.

The way it handles the road makes me feel secure and confident. It over takes without hestiation. Off road it grabs the road and is well balanced. The only downside I can think of is that I am driving faster than before.

Arsenio Burgos, M.B.A., C.A.

Executive Vice President, Cisco Construction Limited

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